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Snib's World of Tanks Random Battle Day Planner

Post by Mickroz » 26 Nov 2012 17:38

Week-days which are not specials or school holidays:
  • 00-02 GMT (01-03 CET): Can get some decent games
  • 02-05 GMT (03-06 CET): Aussies losing against bots. Stay away unless you are a bot.
  • 05-13 GMT (06-14 CET): Zombie warning. You'll mainly see players around 600 efficiency, and your top tier will camp behind arty. Occasional platoons of good players farm easy wins.
  • 13-17 GMT (14-18 CET): Can get some decent games. Lemming trains are common, however, so good fights are rare.
  • 17-18 GMT (18-19 CET): Zombie warning. A third to half of your team will die within the first two minutes and the rest camps for as long as it takes.
  • 18-20 GMT (19-21 CET): Best chance for decent games with those players who are not in clan wars or companies.
  • 20-21 GMT (21-22 CET): Good players start to leave, still playable.
  • 21-23 GMT (22-00 CET): Zombie warning. This is what I call retard hour. Remaining players are too tired, drunk or retarded to play.
  • 23-00 GMT (00-01 CET): Zombies start ebbing off, can get some decent games if you're lucky.
Week-ends, specials (typically Friday through Monday), school holidays:
  • 00-24 GMT (01-01 CET): Zombie warning.
Zombie ground rules to fit in:
  • All drive to the first corner as a big group, wait 15 minutes or until dead.
  • Guard arty, best by hiding behind them.
  • Slow heavies have to climb any hill they find. Just follow the Tigers.
  • If there are no hills and you drive a Tiger, best drive straight at the enemy through the middle. Since German tankers are
  • gentlemen, at first contact stop your tank to give enemy arty an easier time to aim at you.
  • Wait your turn, let the guy in front of you fight it out before you make a move, it's not your battle.
  • Don't move, you might be seen, just let them come to you.
  • If the above is too complicated, just be afk.
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