Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod 1.55

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Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod 1.55

Post by Mickroz » 23 Mar 2013 20:11

Changelog 1.55/Изменений за/для 1.55(don't know which to use in this case)
-Finally figured out how to edit vehicle .xmls. Now I can add more sounds for specific vehicles!
-Added sound for the gun of the SU-100Y.
-Fixed the path for the 150mm L38 for the E-100.
-Added 3.7 Inch AA gun for the Churchill Gun Carrier.
-Added sound for the 32pdr.
-Added sound for short 6 pounders.
-Gave the 105mm L52 guns the same sound they have with the original sounds.
-Rearranged and reworked the order of the "events" in gun_effects.xml. I won't affect the game. It just made it easier for me to track down each event.
-Changed some of the low-caliber tracer sounds.
-New sound, both close and distant, when you get penetrated by a large caliber AP round.

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