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Radial Menu Editor

Post by pE• Robot » 25 Apr 2013 22:02

Name: Radial Menu Editor
Author: Mickroz
Description: By Angelto20

I am very proud to present you my radial menu editor for 'Enhanced customizable Radial Menu' MOD.

[ external image ]

I created this program for editing easily and visually the XML configuration file of 'Enhanced customizable Radial Menu' MOD created by Hedger and modified by locastan.

Works with version: 'Enhanced customizeable Radial Menu (8.5) v.2.3.1'

File release: 1.2
External: http://adf.ly/NPnkV

The Public Enemy Team is not responsible nor required to provide support for this modification. By installing this MOD, you acknowledge that the Public Enemy Team may not be able to provide support.

View Download: downloads.php?view=detail&df_id=17
(this is a non-active account manager for the public-enemy.nl Team)

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