Wot keeps crashing when changing Resolution

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Wot keeps crashing when changing Resolution

Post by Dribbel » 30 Apr 2013 16:51

actually if you press alt + enter this will bring it into a window where u should be able to see again
and change the settings and tick the full screen box and press apply

edit: there is also another way by changing the preferences.xml file
this can be found in windows 7 folder
Users>"user account name">AppData>Roaming>wargaming.net>Worldoftanks

edit preferences.xml
find <fullscreenWidth> 1900 </fullscreenWidth>
<fullscreenHeight> 1080 </fullscreenHeight>

change back to <fullscreenWidth> 1024 </fullscreenWidth>
<fullscreenHeight> 768 </fullscreenHeight>
or what ever your screens native resolution is

goto File and save



komt vooral voor bij Nvidia driver de laatse versie

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Re: Wot keeps crashing when changing Resolution

Post by Malbolgia » 02 May 2013 07:35

Het is uiteindelijk opgelost dmv de nieuwe grafische kaart driver. Dus hij doet het weer als een malle.

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