Public Test of version 8.1

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Public Test of version 8.1

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[ external image ]Commanders,

The World of Tanks development team is conducting a test of the changes coming in the upcoming 8.1 update and they want you to take part!

The public test will be starting on Friday, October 12th.

The development team want to make the game as good as possible and getting your feedback is a big part of that. Taking part in the public test is your chance to let us know your thoughts and suggestions on forthcoming updates. This means we can review your feedback and make any further changes before the update goes live.

All World of Tanks players are eligible to take part in the public test as long as they registered before October 8th . You don’t need to be an experienced tester to join in; you just need to be willing to try out as many of the new features as you can and send us your feedback!

Main Features of version 8.1
  • British tech tree
    New premium vehicles
    Updated maps (Province, El Halluf, Dragon’s Ridge, Abbey, Prokhorovka)
    Ability to buy Gold Ammunition with Credits
Read more about that on our In Development page!

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