Wot Replay knoppen

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Wot Replay knoppen

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Battle Recorder Replay

Some points that may be of use for playing back replays:

* To use the battle recorder you would need to have enable recorder ticked in settings.
* The saved replays are in your world of tanks game installation directory.
* Playback of the saved replays requires you to close the game client as only one instance of it can run.
* Playback of replays uses the game client to play the replays.
* You must stay till the end of a game to have a working replay.
* Exiting early from a battle will either not save the replay or might corrupt the replay so it will not be able to playback.
* When playing replays try at least twice to playback the replay as the first time may fail.
* You can give a copy of the saved replay to a friend to playback.

Playback Keys:
Left mouse button = reticle view.
Right mouse button = free view / can also be used to hop between tanks if your tank died.
left arrow key = decrease playback speed.
right arrow key = increase playback speed.
space = play/pause playback

Bron : WorldofTanks.eu

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