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Latest Update for World of Warplanes – Version 3.4

Posted: 04 Nov 2012 20:43
by Mickroz

Update 3.4 to World of Warplanes is going live! The patch will be implemented during server maintenance on Thursday 25th October.

Here we present a short summary of the changes which have been implemented:

The biggest change is that all five maps have been re-sized and re-optimised for different tiers of aircraft. It is hoped this will bring more dynamic gameplay. The maps have also been reworked and rendered with a new lighting system.

A new system of plane visibility has been implemented based on altitude. This should add new tactics to the game.

Two new tutorials have been added to help new players get to grips with how the game works.

Finally, a large number of tweaks to the UI and controls have been implemented as well as assorted bug fixes. All these are based on feedback from the Closed Beta.

If you are a Beta Tester, you can read more detailed notes about the changes on the forum.

We are still continuing to add players to the Closed Beta, so if you have not received your invitation yet, be patient, as hopefully you will be able to join us soon! If you have not yet registered for the Closed Beta, it is not too late to do so!

Take to the skies, pilots!

Re: Latest Update for World of Warplanes – Version 3.4

Posted: 04 Nov 2012 20:44
by Mickroz
je krijgt nu ook voor je eerste 4 overwinningen 50 goud, en voor de 5e overwinning 100 goud.